Sweet Love/ Ashley


I'm 21 years old, I like to have fun, make people feel
comfortable, and do as I'm told. I'm on here to get out of my comfort zone and be comfortable naked,
since I am aspiring to
be a Suicide Girl.
I'm here to have a good time, and get to know my followers.
I'm very respectful, and only expect to give what I receive.
I love to chat with my users, and followers to gain friendship,
and respect from them. I love to make everyone feel equal.
Like I always say at the end of my show, If you please me, I will do all I can to please you.
I love talking so don't be afraid to talk.
Just please don't ask anything of me, that is rude, or distasteful.

Tips! Makes me happy to get tips.
There is no limit to tipping. 1-1000 anything is appreciated.
Talkative people. I enjoy conversing.
Laughing, during my show I do like to laugh&talk; with my viewers.
squirting, n playing with my ass a lil bit.
Go ahead and follow me as well if you enjoy the broadcast.
And any anonymous users, I'd appreciate it if you made a account which is TOTALLY FREE
costs absolutely nothing, and go ahead, and follow me/support my show.

Rude people, Demanding people,
People who are pushy, people who are disrespectful towards me or my users.
Please keep the rudeness away from my shows.
I love what I do, and am comfortable with it as well.

Nickname: xxxsweetlove
Site: chaturbate
Age: 21
Sex: female

used to have hip piercings/body rejected surface piercings, and 2 tats