These are my mods. I have 3 main mods, so please respect them. I also have others that will fill in when my mains are either unavailable or are offline.

      • Naturist_be - (main mod) The LION tamer (who keeps all the animals in check)
      • Wendybird - (main mod) The Contortionist (she will make u bend to her will)
      • Glenn2507 - (main mod) The clown (makes me laugh to much)
      • Whiteicekyle - The Strong man (the straight one)
      • Blackice757 - The Arielist (trapez artist)
      • Fearlessguy654 - The Magician (because he is magical)
      • Jojo75015 - The Lion (shy)
      • Kaleb21 - The sword eater (amazing guy)
      • Dylanbabe777 - the fire twirler (sets the world on fire)

Security Door code: 701
Become a member of the Gang of misfortune by tipping 701 in one single tip.

Security Door 2 code: 7013
Tip 7013 in a single hit to become RING LEADER, meaning you become the controller of a full show for a day, call apps, decided goals and token prices.

Tip 143 which = I LOVE YOU in Tole to become one of tole's true loves being in these means that you truely adore him on all levels who will be my love :D

CALLING ALL FREAKS and MISFITS if you wish to be a part of the TOLENDERS CIRCUS be sure to join my FAN club.

People who have bought me amazing things off amazon

      • Fireellen (Chief of the Amazonians): ice watch, fin hat, alien fleshlight, 8x funkos, purple jacket, 1x pair of awsome shoes, wolf plushie, rockit speaker, edward sissor hands, invader Zim dvd
      • Naturist_be: cock rings , 3x funkos, adventure time bracelet, 3x gift cards, pleasure pack condoms
      • Dylanbabe777: cute Underwear , 1x pair of awsome shoes
      • Swordsboy58: hightop purple with spikes, 3x funkos
      • Deepthough: hd camera and underwear
      • Craig29x: tenga flip, amazing pc mouse, snowboard, snowboots
      • Glenn2507: Green arrow funko
      • Irishbi: wolfman dildo, 3x funkos
      • Kiwi79: 1x Gift card
      • Wannabe89: 1x Gift card
      • Unknown: clear fleshlight , fleshlight shower mount , cleaning products for fleshlight , flesh lube

(If i missed someone or items in this list, please just tell me)


Hey guys, every week or 2 weeks i will hold a competition or contest to have some fun, the winner will receive something special each time :D
When I found something i really want of my wish list so if you wanna play and have some fun then this is WHAT you gotta do. As soon as you have completed this please let me know asap so i can close the competition and announce the winner :D

      • Competition - fishbowl winner: Fireellen
      • Contest - Osiris shoes winner: Swordboy58
      • Contest - Alien Funko winner: DylanBabe777 (win Tolender's personal contact)
      • Contest - Metal butt plug jewel winner: Swordboy58 (win a video of Tolender)

      • Don't be so hurried! I do my best
      • By the way, I'm not the ISS
      • But i will feed you as fast as i can
      • Then have fun, guys!

Who will be the next winner by buying the exact item in wishlist??

      • Please, be fair play it is only a game!
      • And don't lie, you love this game
      • The clues are as big as a whale!!

Buy the right Funko and win the Tolender's personal contact!!

I will kill and Destroy all goals and make it fun while doing it , if you dont know what nukeing is the i am about to tell you , Nukeing is the ART of dropping token Bombs in performers rooms who me and my team feel that deserve it , we study and watch alot of rooms to decide who will be the next target as we usually target the people we feel will not only appreciate the gesture but who also deserve this BOMB.

If you guys wanna know what bombings are comeing up i will be doing them every thursday@ 12am EST time so when i log on on a friday it usually will be a hour or so after i have logged on so you can all witness this fun thing and join me in watching The TARGET - Lose there shit :D

HEY ALL! If you are reading this then you have probably seen me on cam :D
My name is Talen or Tolender or Tole you choos, I come from what everyone calls THE LAND DOWNUNDER... I am a chef and i have done lots of fun and interesting things in my life and i'm more then willing to have a good time with you all, i like to play games and have a laugh. I sometimes play truth or Dare or wheel of fortune in my room they are fun and exciting and sometimes down right naughty.

Im 5'3", 9.3 inches circumsized cock and very bubbly personality... But im only very new to this so give me a break and lets have some fun :D and before, Yes i can selfsuck, but i dont do this unless it is a very very big tip :D as i do not like the feeling and is just weird to me.

IF IM NOT ON, PLEASE BE SURE TO VISIT ALEC (Fearlessguy654) as he is a amazing perso, he does amazing shows and will make u all laugh and smile :D

You can also check out my Partner in Crime Whiteicekyle he is a straight boy looking to make some tokens every body has a price what is his Check him out and find out :P

      • NO bb, babe, baby... no calling me baby as i am a grown man not a baby or any other pet names of a sort, the acceptable ones are CUTIE, HOTTIE and SEXY nothing else please.
      • NO questions about location.
      • NO PM. Ask what about in the chat first.

    Im totally into some forms of Anal play, toys and Other fun things im very open minded and very willing to satisfy all you needs but there are some big no no's i wont do you will find these below. If u have specific questions just ask me in room or ask a mod they will Gladly help you .
    Yes i do do private shows and the rates are listed below and you will find anything you need to help you there.

    If you want a private show contact me in my room, my mod Wendybird or Naturist_be or just email me with your screen name and we will work things out. Thank you!

        • For a 10-30min show with just cum is 600 tokens or over.
        • For a 30-1hr show which can include tenga eggs or dildo with cum it will cost 1000 tokens or over.
        • SPECIAL REQUEST SHOWS AKA (FURRY, SM, FETISH) this will cost you 1400 tokens or over.

    The room will be passworded specificly for the person who buys the show and will have full control in each of the specific show type they have requested.

    Hey guys as u know i receive a lot of amazon gifts and amazon doesnt ship directly to Australia on most items so i have them sent to my usa po Box and they get shipped from there, i pay this normally and it is pretty expensive 100-150 per box depending on amount of items, so if you would like to help me cover this costs there is info on how to do this on my Amazon wish list :D please anything you wanna send will be greatly appreciated.

    If you wanna buy me something special then your more then welcome to as i appreciate everything i get you can give me Even a little gift card goes a long way - Email ones and other things off my wish list in doing so you will be able to see me open my gifts and you will be mentioned in my bio as one of the amazing amazonians :D be sure to send the giftcards-email to Tolender@live.com.au and please remember to send a gift card with your username and what u bought so i can add you to the bio when i receive the gift as i cant remember everyone who bought something i may be amazing but im not that Great lol.

    Tolender's Wish list

    UK Amazon Wish list (gift cards)

    FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @TolenderCB to keep up with my antics.

    or follow me on Tumblr: http://tolendercb.tumblr.com



    PRIVACY POLICY: The use of my profile, video or pictures in any form online or offline now or in the future (INCLUDING BY CHATURBATE AFFILIATES) is not permissible without my expressed written consent. Any act to promote or gain profit (either monetarily or socially) from the use of my profile, video or pictures is a violation of my privacy and subject to legal action.


    Nickname: tolender
    Site: chaturbate
    Age: 22
    Sex: male

    Tattoos ,peircings