Starting next monday next week, im going to be taking a big break from doing shows, however i will do Privates and Group Shows. first come first serve. This is not towards anyone or anything, i just need to be getting more rest and i cant stay up all night anymore. If you are interested in doing a group show with other regs or a Private by yourself let me know in advance. Thankyou to everyone, i love you all.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the Charity i was raising money for $1300 dollars and lots of toys were raised.

and for other news... this is a DRAMA FREE room. Dont come in here with bullshit about other people and/or other models. im not playing into it anymore. If you want Drama watch a soap opera that is what i do. Im cracking down on you greys too. if you want to have fun and stay in my room be RESPECTFUL. dont ask me to OPEN anything. my mods and i will silence you and ban you. but if you read this sugar attracts more bees than vinegar.. so be nice, enjoy yourself and just plain have fun.

  • Rules:

    I do like to show off a little but lets face it I am here to make a few bucks so if you aren't tipping please refrain from hounding me to do things.
    NO and I mean NO saying BB...you can call me by my name. Have a little respect for me and i will have tons of respect for you.
    Yes, I do watch cam sometimes but only on a rare occasions and not when I'm already doing a show.
    If you can't tip but want to be able to make requests or get private shows, I have amazon wish lists below. Added bonus! If you buy me jewelry or outfits, make sure you tell me what you bought. I will take 2 personal pictures in what you bought me and send them to you via email. if you bought jewelry i will be wearing nothing (naked) except for the jewelry.

  • Extras:

    I am constantly asked for my panties.... cell number... skÿpe etc.... those do not come cheap my friends.

    Panties... 1500 tokens
    Cell... 2000 tokens
    KIK messenger... 500 tokens
    Skÿpe name... 1000 tokens
    Pvt 30 min Skÿpe chat... 1500 tokens

    These are fixed prices but you may buy wishlist items of equal value. (Remember with tokens that value is not the same as cost, ask mods for details.)

  • Tip Kings:

    Tip over 100 and I'll put your name here:

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    Robzombie!!! my favorite grey :)
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Nickname: sweetiepie4you
Site: chaturbate
Age: 33
Sex: female