Things every Blue should know:

Hello, je m'appelle Semiotics. I'm a lady who is a farrago of traits and interests: intelligent, bubbly, natural, a mediator, smiley, light-hearted are some that people notice upon entering my room. I joined Chaturbate because I enjoy having fun with my sexuality and having fun with others. Tip-wise, I like earning a bit of money on the side to put toward my degree and education. I am studying to be a neuropsychologist which entails manymanymany years of schooling ahead of me.

Some things about my room:

1. I don't fit the "cam girl" stereotype. I am "cute" more than I am hot, I do not sport implants, I enjoy joking around and being nerdy more than being explicitly raunchy. If you like this type of interaction, pop in!

2. I am not tip-greedy. You will see that I do not have my hands glued to my genitals and can enjoy full-on conversation amid sexy play.

3. That being said, I appreciate any and all tips! Anything I earn from this site is being put toward my education. So it will greatly help me out if you do decide to tip!

4. I do not like to silence greys nor wield a heavy silence/ban hammer. I realize that a lot of people who don't tip hang out in rooms. I do not want to shut anyone out. I only ask that you be respectful, don't be demanding or offensive, and to thank the people who do tip because they keep the show going!

Final Note:

I am interested in doing things other than camming. I intend to make some photo sets and videos that people can access, and selling panties or any lingerie I wear on cam. People can purchase these with tokens or by gifting me something off my wishlist, their preference.

That's about all. :)
I started a tumblr to act as a compendium of my ambling thoughts. This will likely not have any sexual content. Simply an ajar door to my thoughts and musings.

Nickname: semiotics
Site: chaturbate
Age: 24
Sex: female