Hi, just an average Asian guy. Here mostly for chat, but maybe... sometimes... a little more. :-)

If you would like to chat with me outside of CB. You may do that by clicking here for AIM.
KIK: Seiretsym

Requests are fine if I'm up to it, unless you're maxhedrm or sheldon29 (you guys can request anything!)

DO NOT make demands! I'm not obligated to heed them.
DO chat, and feel free to ask questions. Depending on how personal the question is and my mood, I'll answer them. This is chaturbate. ;-)
DO NOT call me anything other than Kerwin, or Sei(retsym), unless you're one of the two men I've mentioned above. Thanks!

DO NOT record or copy videos/pictures of me or anyone else for your use. Legal actions may be taken regarding this matter! So let's be cool, yeah? :-)

Nickname: seiretsym
Site: chaturbate
Age: 27
Sex: male