Mikey Rott and Cheyenne Shine


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So guise, get ready for a good time. But, first welcome to our room, where its filled with awesome convos and when you tip nicely, have an awesome show! Filled with magical wonders. ;)

So about Rott And Shine.

Mike (Rott) is a drummer, a sexy one. With a lip ring and tats. He has 00 gauges. Shine (Cheyenne) has a septum, and a few tats, looking forward to buy more, and 5/8th gauges. She's a vocalist/semi-guitarist. SHE LOVES SKATEBOARDING AND LONGBOARDING! And we love death metal. Shine's more into everything musical. Dancing, singing, acting. But mostly for genre's - everything from post-hardcore/death metal/alternative/doom metal/pop/rap. etc. We both love food, sex, and tv. lol. And cigs. We're pretty down to earth people. And quite crazy. So cum into our room and check us out ;)

Like we said, Cheyenne likes to sing and play guitar. Tip 150 and request it and she will grab her guitar, get butt nakey and play and sing a song just for you ! Just tip and ask! :)

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    Nickname: rottnroll
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    Age: 25
    Sex: male

    Tats piercings.