Hi guys, My name is Reyna and I am a naughty and full of joy girl from Europe. I love to have sexy fun and I love to have you guys watch me play with myself. I like to use my toys to tease and please myself as well as you. Sometimes I will dress up in a costume and role play. There is very little that I do not like to do. All you have to do is tip me, then ask, then sit back and enjoy.
I dont care if you are black, white, straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, short, tall, fat , skinny, or old.....if you are nice to me I'll be nice to you. Its as simple as that. ;)
TO BE CLEAR: My Attitude Will Always Be Based On How You Treat Me.
TOKENS will show me your appreciation so feel free to TIP if you like what you see.
Dont forget to FOLLOW ME, just to know when Im on next time.
Hope we will have fun together!

Hey guysDont forget to join my Fan Club, too!!!

Im here to know new people too and share my opinion with them.i like to talk about many intresting things.Im an openmind lets chat!!!!!



I have some special friends here that help my feel horny and help keep my room from getting out of hand by being my Mods. They are also very generous with tokens so they are my heroes. You should respect them as you respect me.
My Special Friends and Heroes are:
BigO y <3 Maitai <3 Sirmichael

Room Rules:
1) Be Respectful! I am a lady and not a tramp, whore, bitch, etc. and I decide what I open and when.
2) Dont type in all CAPS ! This is just like shouting and it is rude.
3) Speak English Only in Free Chat! I do speak other languages, but prefer English here. Respect and honor my wishes.
4) No Demands or Begging! This is rude and disrespectful and my Mods will silence you immediately.
5) Tip First Then request! ! If there is something, you want to see or see me do, than tip me and put your request in the message window with your tip. I like to have fun here, but it is also how I pay my bills, so please be generous. Any request without a tip is considered a demand. (See Rule 4)
6) No Graphics! Only my Mods, Tippers, and Myself are allowed to post graphics. So if you want to post a cute emoticon or something, you must tip me first, or you will be silenced or banned.

This is a free site, so if you dont have tokens thats OK, and you can chat all you want, just dont ask to see stuff...and Respect other viewers, my Mods and Tippers, and Me.
Thank You and Enjoy the Show

Nickname: reyna
Site: chaturbate
Age: 29
Sex: female

Piercing, Tatoo