PLEASE READ!: I am transgendered, if YOU message ME then get offended cause you found out im Trans dont f******g block me or ban me cause your dumbass didnt want to read. When i view cams im usually Silent until someone messages me. I am getting so sick of guys trying to be all suave and stupid then ban me cause your dumbass doesnt know how to read.

So lets see,
Currently reside in North Carolina. originally from Louisiana.
This is my only job at the moment. I got into a bad accident last year which totaled my car so i am doing this for main income to pay my mortgage and pay for my transition so tips are extremely appreciated.

I am an artist, and i also deal with exotic reptiles and spiders.

Answers to overly abused questions :

Yes i live full time 365, 24/7 as a woman.-
Yes i really have a penis
Yes i am functional and c*m better then most male porn stars-
Yes i am on hormones. I didn't just eat cracker jacks and find a pair of 38 full b small c boobs waiting as the prize -
No i am not an escort..
No i will not become one because you will pay me-
No im not interested in meeting anyone off this site unless i get to know them better....and you're hot ,-

I am probably one of the most laid back, down to earth people you will ever meet. I don't take anything serious. If you have a bad attitude take it somewhere else, i don't have time for your insults or self hating bs

Nickname: raven_sin
Site: chaturbate
Age: 30
Sex: shemale

5 piercings ears gauged out to 00 3 tattoos