NEW BIO COMING SOON!!! (I want to make it shorter and I want to add graphics)

Welcome to my Ogacihcs Chaturbate! page!

I know I have a REALLLLY long bio, that is why I have broken it up into mini-sections. the 1st section below is about me & what I like. The rest is basically my room rules & a list of some of contests I've hosted in my chats and a list of past winners/prizes.

If you do not want to read it all I understand, if you have the time tho it would mean a lot to me if you could please take a few minutes to read over my entire bio to better understand my room rules and what I have going on in here.


ABOUT ME & what I like:

My name is Warren . I don't care if you call me by my chat name or my real name - I will respond to either. I enjoy being on here as and I try to get on as often as I can. When I am on I'm really just here make some new friends to chat with and if I'm feelin it have some good ole adult rated fun. Keep in mind I am a TIP BASED MODEL , which means I come on here not just for fun, but also to earn some extra income. I will not normally beg my chat for tips, as long as my viewers don't beg me to show . I'm 30y/o,5'11, brwn/hzl, white, 190, & it's 7.5 cut/thick. Socially I will chat & talk with anyone; sexually I am into guys: 18-26-ish (may go up to 32) -- MUST be d/d free & ht/wt prop beyond that I don't care what race you are or how big/small your dick is.

Even if you don't tip my chats are very welcoming & I invite all to join in. Basically if you like what you see please FOLLOW me by clicking the orange button under my chat & join me for my daily shows & if you can afford to tip THANK YOU .

I recently started seeing someone in my personal life & he's turning out to be someone very special to me. I have even gotten him switched onto Chaturbate . His user name on here is chi_panda -- follow him too tho lately he's been showing on up on cam more often here with me.

I work as a shift manager at a fast food chain at locations all over our city & he works for a different company downtown. Unless either of us disclose any further details about our work in the chat conversation, this is as much as you need to know, we do have work outside of Chaturbate .

Panda & I LOVE to show off for you guys here cam alone or with my age-verified room mates and friends, but we will do what we want when we want to ; demands only delay the inevitable that much longer. Tokens/Tips help make it happen that much faster. If you like what you see, let us know with a friendly Tip Note .

I am into oral, jo, making out, body contact, 69, showering together, taking pics/videos, 3-ways are cool too sometimes. I am not really into anal unless I am in the mood but when i am in that mood I am a safe-playing verse-top (more of a top). I am NOT really into kinks however I do own a cock cage that I sometimes wear during my shows and only remove it for tokens.

The ring that I wear IS an engagement ring that I was planning to give the matching one to my last ex Christmas of 2012, but he left me(after almost 3yrs together) in early December to be with someone else. I still wear it because I still do love him a whole lot. Panda knows this &for; now he is ok with me continuing to wear it while we grow into our present relationship with each other. Thank you Panda ! You really are turning out to be something very special -- who knows you may get the match someday. We are headed in that direction!

You have basically read the important stuff in my bio. Below is a list of my room expectations & some of the fun things I do in my chat's from time to time. Feel free to read it over if you'd like, or if I am online now you may return to the main chat above and enjoy the show.


Anonymous users: You can't reply back in any chat until you register on the site & you don't need to have a cam (only if you want to broadcast too!)

It's 100% FREE to join! Please support me by using my affiliate code when you register: http://chaturbate.com/affiliates/in/5zjT /T0odC/?track=default (by using my affiliate link I'm supposed to get 10 tokens just for you registering & I'll earn another 500 once you broadcast on your cam!

Best part is these are tokens that you do NOT have to buy (it's just like free money).

Once you're registered & age-verified you can share your affiliate link to your users for this same great deal!


MY MODS DON'T PLAY: If I do not have at least 1 mod in my room I may approve one if i feel i need one. I don't play & neither will they.

MODS: If you abuse the privilege, or if you are not monitoring; I will revoke your privileges.

USERS: Break ANY of my room rules & either myself or my mods will silence you the 1st time (if you're lucky to get a warning you will ONLY get 1 warning). If you become a repeat offender I PERSONALLY will KICK/BAN you from my room & YES I do remember usernames VERY WELL -- you will pick that up in my chat's as well as later on in my bio. I will NOT tolerate ANY hate/homo/fag/gay remarks -- instant ban!

(not all inclusive - see the paragraph that pops up in any chat room when you connect to the chat for more)

* My mods & I run a fun & energetic room. I encourage EVERYONE to be a part of the active chat -- it makes the room that much more fun! I will do my best to personally say "Hello" to you when I notice you in my room.; however if multiple users join at once or the chat is just too active to look at my users list, a generic "Hello Every1" may be used. Simply put: if you don't chat with me I get bored, when I am bored I don't show anything at all. Tips are always appreciated but even if you can't tip me I still show off when I am comfortable doing so. Please don't beg me to do anything & my clothing comes off a lot faster.

* Yes I am 100% gay, but I really don't care who watches my room or chats with me during my shows. I love to do shower or bath shows the most. You may also catch me laying in my bed, singing, or playing with my self. Who knows!

* I REALLY don't mind showing off my body to the whole world (why else would I be on a cam site) but I will show WHAT I want WHEN I want! Demands are a MAJOR turn off for me! Requests are tipped first. I know why we're all on here & what you want to see, but I am also here to make some tips too. As long as you guys can understand that, I will TOTALLY understand that not everyone can afford to pay & i will not push tipping that much. If the room starts going crazy with demands I will start posting tip reminders & graphics.

* Graphics Codes: I think these are great and fun - when used in moderation. I will allow EVERYONE to use them for now, but if it starts to get out of control I will restrict usage to mods & myself only. If I ever do restrict usage: I will re-edit this paragraph & I will permit my mods to give only 1 warning notice before they silence any violating user.

* I will choose who to PM when I want to. You can't really say anything to me in private that I haven't seen in the main room. The only time a PM is really even necessary is 1) if I need to communicate with one of my mod's, 2) if you are a contest winner and I need your address to mail you your prize or 3) if I know you well enough (in that case you likely have my cell number so you can text me). You can send me a personalize note/request whenever you send a tip.

* My Roommates: I do live with 2 other gay males & 1 straight I have had the gay ones verify themselves on my profile so that they can chat with you guys too while I am online. Normally I do NOT have sex or even mess around with them on OR off cam, so please DON'T ask; If we decide to show off, that's totally up to us.
The straight one does not do ANYTHING on my cam & he is NOT verified so I can NOT even put him in my shows.

* A good 99% of the time have my mic on so you may on occasion hear me talking with anyone in my house about anything, or siging, or talking on the phone, or just talking to users in the room.

* Cleo (aka: Cock Block Puppy): Is my 3 y/o lab-pit. She is my pride & joy. She LOVES to jump in on my shows & kiss me - hence the nickname. I don't mind showing her off to everyone as long as I am clothed. I WILL NOT DO ANYTHING SEXUAL WITH HER! ASKING = AUTOMATIC BAN & I will ALSO click on your profile & Report Abuse!


If you like what you see please tip & follow.



* Daily Shows: I do my BEST to get on here as often as I can, may not be EVERY day but close to it (hehe). Be sure to FOLLOW me as you never know when I'll be on OR what I'll be showing. I can send out an email notification to ALL my followers once every 6 hours, when it is available I will click on that icon in my chat room so if you are not online at that moment you can sign in.

* Shower / Bath shows: I try to do a shower show daily around the same time each morning (usually between 9-11am my local time. Occasionally (depending on my schedule) I will do a Bath show later at night, but this is not done EVERY night, just when I have the time. The bath show is typically a Bubble Bath. I may delay starting the show until more users join the room. Once I am getting all wet & soapy I can not type out my replies so be sure you have your audio turned on so I may speak out my answers to your questions.

*Cream for my Coffee : 50 token tip minimum, but I basically cum in my morning cup of Joe and drink it for you guys. See the recent winners below.



JOIN MY FAN CLUB: Any user who joins my FAN CLUB for $10.99 a month (you pay CB, not me): I earn 100 tokens; You receive access to ALLLLL of my pics AND video sets that I have for sale to everyone else on my profile.

MY PICS/VIDS: Please unlock my pics & vids, show me how SEXY you think I am. I usually price my albums based on how many pics are in the album or how many mins long the vid is.

I divide the total in half, then take off a few tokens (ie: one of my albums has 647 pics in it, half of 647 is 323, the album costs 300tkns to unlock).

I will sometimes (in my own discretion) discount my albums or unlock some of them for special occasions.

LEGAL PRIVACY POLICY: Any UNAUTHORIZED use of my profile, video, pictures or audio in any form or in a forum now or in the future is NOT permissible without my expressed written consent. Any act to promote or gain profit in any manner (e.g. either monetarily or socially) from the use of my profile, video, pictures or audio in any form my profile is a violation of my privacy and subject to legal action


CONTESTS: I like to have fun in my rooms so in addition to the Tip Goals Apps I will occasionally host random "user created" contests. I try to think of contests where everyone can play. My recent contests & winners have been (I try to update this section as soon as I can after each contest):

* Free me from my cage: Played on 2/21/2013. Won by user ooohthatguy for tipping 21 tokens to unlock me from a Cock Cage that I had been wearing. His prize was a password-protected room/private show.

* Wax'd penis: Played on 2/24/2013. Won by user shells for tipping 10 tokens. I had taken a candle lit bubble bath show and dared the room to convince ANY blue to tip ANY amount and I would pour the hot candle wax on my cock. Their prize was I made them one of my new mods. Welcome to the family shells!

* 100 or more tkns: won on 2/25/2013. This contest was created & awarded by my room mod Kathyswallows. She offered anyone who tipped me 100tkns or more during the show a free custom graphic. Only user Safewithme tipped 25tkns 4 times, one other usertipped just 25 tkns once. Check out the graphic with code :safewith

*100th Follower: won on 2/25/2013. Living42day officially won this contest; however he logged off my chat before claiming his prize. I polled the active chat to see if I shall award a runner-up prize to #101 who was Tonyinseattle -- he received a custom graphic made by my Mod Kathyswallows. Check out the graphic with code :tonyin

*Free me from my cage (2): Played on 2/26/2013. won by user khayman999 for 1 tkn. Their prize was just to have their name featured right here in my bio. Thanks again!

*Cream for my Coffee : 50 token tip minimum, but I basically cum in my morning cup of Joe and drink it for you guys:
* 3/2/13: total tips collected = 0 (So I did not cum in my coffee)

* Match Game: User samymas matched each tip that was made in my chat on 4/3/13. Thank you to all who tipped & a SPECIAL THANK YOU to samymas


CONTEST PRIZES: For MOST of my contests the winning user gets to choose one prize from this list. Rarely will I pre-select the prize. Winners: please read descriptions carefully)

1): A free Private/Password protected room show. Same rules apply as in the main chat. NO DEMANDS/I SHOW WHAT & WHEN I WANT

2): Tokens (wining user MUST be an age verified member of CB to receive tokens). Depending on the difficulty of the contest the prize will range from 20-50 tokens and are to be determined by me but will be announced prior the start of the contest

3a): A free copy of any of my stock photo sets: not all photo sets are live on CB -- I LOVE to take pics of my body (clothed, erotic & nude poses & I take all my own pics & I take pics almost daily -- I have set up a couple of albums on here, but I have many more saved on my computer/phone/iPod Touch

3b): A free freshly made photo sets: wining user will be the 1st to see this photo set before I save it with my stock pics or publish it on CB

4a): A free copy of any of my stock videos: I obviously don't have any videos loaded on CB yet & I don't really have many videos of myself on my computer.

4b): A free freshly made video: [this prize selection is temp unavailable -- my ex came & took back his video camera so i can not make any new vids now, MAYBE some low quality ones on my phone??] wining user will be the 1st to see this video set before I save it with my stock pics or publish it on CB. Also, I will NOT customize it with anyone user's user or real name, so please DO NOT ASK.

5): Buy My Wax: ONLY avail when I do a candle fetish show. At the end of the show if I decide I want to pour the hot candle wax on any part of my body the highest tipper would immediately after the show receive a PM notification so I can get their address so that when i peel off the wax I will put it in a sandwich bag and mail it to them.

*** NOTICE *** MINIMUM TIPS for this prize selection: 100tkns (or more) for hot wax on any bare skin other than genitals, 150tkns (or more) to have one of my age verified-roommates pour the hot wax on my ass cheeks (NOT IN MY ASS CRACK) & 200tkns (or more) for hot wax poured on my cock. I ALSO WILL NOT INGEST ANY HOT WAX!!!

6a) Condom filled with my cum: Highest tipper will receive a PM as soon as the show is over to provide their address to receive the used profilatic

6b) Cummy underwear: Highest tipper will receive a PM as soon as the show is over to provide their address to receive the used article.

7) Amazon Gift Cards: If any user knows how to donate an Amazon Gift Card where I do not have to pay for it out of my pocket I will gladly honor this notion. Until I know how to donate this prize option is NOT available, but when I do open this option depending on the difficulty of the challenge GC's will range from $5 to $25, again like the Tokens prize option (above) the value will be announced by me prior to the contest start.

8) User/mod submitted: If any user wants to host a contest/offer a prize that I do not have listed, please clear it by me first.



And a Special Thanks goes out to:

My 1st tipper ever: ooohthatguy on 2/21/13 at 2:21pm tipped: 21tkns

Highest individual tip: inaham 2/27/13 - 200tkns

Best Tipper (all time): samymas - 696tkns

Best Tipper (in a single show): inaham 2/27/13 - 500tkns

100th Follower: Tonyinseattle

Users that went GREY for me:
* khayman999 on 2/26/13
* ooohthatguy on 2/28/13

Users that went BLUE for me:
* inaham on 2/27/13
* samymas on 3/30/13
* furryvouyer on 4/8/13

Moderators: Greg9mn, JCBaritone, Kathyswallows, Shells, Ooohthatguy, Yoshimikeloves2sing, Samymas, Donnieboi23, Kevindiesel

Bought something off my Wishlist
* biguydave: Zumba Fitness belt for Wii Remote Controller

PLEASE FOLLOW/SUPPORT ME & ANY OF THE USER NAMES I'VE POSTED IN MY BIO -- THEY ALL MEAN SOMETHING SPECIAL TO ME (OTHERWISE THEIR NAMES WOULDN'T BE ON MY PAGE). I am Iooking forward to seeing all of you in my room regularly & I want to PERSONALLY say THANK YOU for taking the time to read this LOOOONG bio.

I have something very special for each of the following users:
(in chat type a colon immediately followed by your user name except where noted)
RYRY007 (use code :cbryry007)

Nickname: ogacihc
Site: chaturbate
Age: 30
Sex: male