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BE RESPECFUL I would like for the grays to be respectful in my room. If you disrespect me or the blues in my room u will be banned/silenced by me or my mods. SO BE RESPECTFUL IN MY ROOM. Do Not Spam Or Promote Yourself Or Other Broadcasters Or You Will Be Kicked/Banned, Follow Me! :) I DON"T DO PM'S , NO CAPS PLEASE!!!!
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Show me RESPECT!
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250 Tokens Full Body Clothed
700 Tokens Tit Flash
3050 Tokens Shirtless
10000 Tokens Pussy Flash
30000 Tokens Full Body Nude
6000 Tokens To have my Man join in the fun
9000 & Up Private 30min private show
FYI I DON'T Squirt! If you want to know more, just ask POLITELY!
If you don't like what I look like don't be hating just leave this is a drama free Zone. If u start drama u will be ignored, silenced, banded, or laughed at by me and my mods. So be respectful to me and my mods.

Now that you have taken the time to read my rules, I thank you!
For those of you who tip me, Thank you!

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Nickname: ocuddles
Site: chaturbate
Age: 39
Sex: female

I have 4 Tattoos