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So... I just realized we never got to celebrate my one year CAM-VERSARY!! For shame...! In honour of this I'm proposing we celebrate my slightly overdue anniversary party on the 15th of June, and I'm having a raffle of prizes for YOU to celebrate! yay!

The winner shall receive: a 25 min s.kype with full-faced me!!

a special gift in the mail from me!

access to my exclusive twitter account!

a photo set just for you!


Want to reallllly make sure you win the big prize?!

5 tickets for 150

10 tickets for 300

45 tickets for 1000

100 tickets for 2000!

and we will have a big fun party the night of the belated CAMVERSARY! And it shall be named.... "LOLAPALOOZA"


Get my exclusive new twitter account and enter the world of LOLA as you've never seen me before! I can't wait to spontaneously give you all the updates I wouldn't share with the outside twittersphere and post pictures, videos, and cheezy jokes 24/7! Get access to @yourLOLAsecret by buying the corresponding photo above or offline tipping 100 tks - make sure to let me know your twitter name when you request to follow me :)

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the wall of GIFs (love you guys for making these for me):








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