I'm a UV hippie and a west coast rave chaser. I love music, art, smoking herb, and loving myself of course ;) Come play with me!

I have lingerie, and a few toys too. I'm trying to get more so if you want to buy me stuff off of my gift list i'll be SOOOOO happy and even email you a pic of me in it and/or using it!
Currently I have a hitachi magic wand with a g-spot attachment, a pink glass bumpy dildo, some cuffs and collars and moar!

I'm obsessed with electronic dance music and usually listening some cool mixes, just ask and I can usually tell you what it is!

If you don't treat me like the cute fairy princess I am I reserve the right to be an asshole back to you :)

<3 No Demands <3
<3 Tip with Requests <3
<3 No Private (for now) <3
<3 Don't be an asshole <3
<3 No talking about anything illegal <3
<3 Smoking herb isn't allowed on Cb so please don't ask me to <3

My camming schedule varies, but my main nights are

Nickname: kushxfairy420
Site: chaturbate
Age: 19
Sex: male/female

Septum/Nipple Piercings