Hello! I am a funny and nice girl doing anything else but getting bored! I like flirting and chatting and getting to know people. I am very chill and laid back and I like to have all sorts of fun! I mostly enjoy win win situations - it is good if u cum, its the best when i do it too.

1. Requests are discussed and then tokened.
2. Be polite or I'll kick your ass.
3. There are no rulz as long as you respect the ones writen here.

Turn ons: not wearing underwear, being naked underneath my winter coat, dicks with brains.

Turn off's: not respecting the rulz - even if I'm nice, I'm not that patience.
the BB excessive usage - ill just ignore you,
leaving with no goodbye - its a girl thing,
a sleep over after a booty call - if its a booty call there is no reason for that.

My first tipper ever: Tvox - thank you for the great welcome! u rock!
A very very special one - Mellonw1 - u turned out great :)
My lady's favorite: Spudsy :) or Nuts :)
A very special one - Deluxe80!

Nickname: katjajolie
Site: chaturbate
Age: 29
Sex: female

a very small one