Jack and Sally


We've been together on and off for 9 years.
We are parents to a beautiful 5 yr old little girl.
Our sex life is great! We're pretty open-minded and accepting.
Sally is 24, Jack is 25.
Sally wears a 36B bra, and Jack's "_fill in the blank_" gets up to 7in. long, and 2in. wide. Jack is a grower not a show-er, so comments such as "He's got a small dick" are just ignorant so don't bother trolling.
Sally is a squirter, like a full blown multiple squirting fountain. No, squirt is not pee. Yes, sometimes it can have a yellowish tint to it but that does not make it urine.
We will rarely do anal because it is extremely uncomfortable for Sally so please do not ask or beg for it, if we're up to it it might happen, and then it will only be a plug at most. Sorry anal lovers.
We absolutely will not do anything for cash money only tokens and we will not meet up with anybody or have a threesome with you.
All that we ask of you is that you respect us and each other and we will do the same. No rude or disrespectful comments or my mods won't hesitate to silence you. Thank You!

Nickname: jackandsally
Site: chaturbate
Age: 24
Sex: male/female

stitches tattooed and ear piercings on Sally