Kinky BDSM Couple* Cali is still being trained by Dylan* mainly involves paddles, kanes, floggers and ropes!!! we have fun!

Welcome to Dylan and Cali's room. This is a bondage/fetish room and we invite our friends to broadcast with us so show us you like it. Not much fet on here. Cali is not your pet so do NOT treat her as though she is. No spam, demands, rudeness, caps, or being mean. Sit back and enjoy the show. This is a no anal, or fisting room and no graphics All free loaders, be smart. just shut up and enjoy. if you have nothing to provide then none of us care..

Thank You Tippers!!

Iownsu- 1300 in one night!!, Beanss, rshadows, Grendel920, bones2024, Master-joel, Kain, misslovely , Cheerydude, themadjacker, hercule666, Tazziegirl78, mysticangel, blackwolf340, ucmeason, Canemaster1966, oim1984, kirwillissss, psybaru:


*Reward wheel- Step Right Up and Enjoy the Kinky Wheel of rewards. Make Cali feel like a Good Naughty girl by spinning the wheel or showing your love/enjoyment. Dylan enjoys to get Cali's ass bright and red while having some other fun as well!!
*Spank-A-Tron- Wanna see Cali's ass and legs nice and sore? Make her count out her spanks as the tipper chooses whether we use the flogger, cane, paddle, or Dylan's Bare Hands!!!
*HangMan- Have fun guessing Cali's fun words!

Items For Sell!

underwear- 50$ or 1000 tokens
socks- 35$ or 700 tokens
Custom picture set(contact us for details)- 1000 tkns for 20 pics, 2000 tkns for 40
Custom Video(contact us for details)- 1500 tkns for 20 minutes, 2500 tkns for 40, 4000 tkns for 1 hr
skyp3 shows- contact us on skyp3 Miss_Picante

Nickname: dylanandcali
Site: chaturbate
Age: 19
Sex: male/female