Court date for Taurus June 24th at 8:15 not happy about it but can't do anything about it.

Great show in VIrginia for Cookie2010!!! Thanks for havin me come down and Thanks to my "volunteer" hehehe!!!!

Too much to say...lol

- The ex wife is one my best friend again but she rarely likes my boyfriends ;p

- I love to ride, weather it be a harley or.....

- I go to the gym alot but never to lift weights, to hit the bag.

- Music and friends are also a big part of my life I love going to concerts and if I get to go in good company that's even better!

- My broski rocks!!


- I live by the golden rule. I will treat you the way I want to be treated but I will also treat you the way you treat me.

- Java is the man, top mod and a good friend.

- Warning: Please don't try and add me to any site or make personal contact unless I initiate it. Know the rules of the site your on!!

Thank You!

- Cookie2010 is my top tipper, top wishlist buyer, my shoulder when I need one, and the best wake up call ever... ;p

- Thanks to everyone for your support, every little bit helps. Naylin, sacto, warrior, blk, gvp, bsu, psu, soccer, sup, sketch, Babygirl, curvey........ the list goes on and I will keep adding

- Thanks to all our fanclub members!!

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