I am a slave owner who like to give instructions,cbt,bdsm,sph,humilliation and degradetion,bi and also crossdresing!
Sexual fantasy!

With erotic hypnosis, you can:

Have your arousal turned up or down on command like a dial.
Have a mind blowing orgasm every time you hear a trigger word.
Be given irrisistible cravings, or new sexual fetishes!
Experience any sexual fantasy in the vitual reality of trance, and have them be completely believable. Just like in dreams...
Encounter the man or woman of your dreams, and have them acting just the way you've always wanted... seductive, dominant or submissive...
Relive the best moments of your life, and make them more intense!
Be programmed with post-hypnotic suggestions, and made to forget them, so that you will do things in the days following the sessions without knowing why!

All things are possible! The only limit is consent. You have to agree to the changes and suggestions for them to work. A hypnotist only has as much power as you give them.

I can't really make someone to do something they don't want without them knowing. However, you can agree to forget some things while in trance for some some fun hypno-games. You won't remember agreeing, but that's part of the fun!



I specialize in hypnotic transformations. Deep trance is essentially the same state as dreaming, and I can create a vivid dream where you have the body of your dreams, and live out the adventures you desire.
Want to be 20 years younger? Relive your high school years as a sexy school girl ? Be feminized into a big breasted cheerleader, . How about being a robot pleasure drone, or a sexy schoolgirl? Some like furries, so being a cat woman, pony girl dog boy, or a fantasy creature may appeal to you. Some just want to be My slave boys and girls, and do anything I want... Mmmmm...

With hypnotic transformations, it's not just role-playing and imagination...

That's what you see in the mirror!!!

Nickname: dominatrice
Site: chaturbate
Age: 25
Sex: female

7 tatto and pierce