Hello there Member of this website. I am Destro. I'm Awesome you just have to stick around and find out. You want some Moron press the next button. I'm a weird quirky wild and crazy guy. Dig it or hit the road jack. Please let the door hit you on the way out.
Yes, Destro has his minions. His minions are Regular people with supernatural epic abilities. Minions are Easily distinguished by the sheer ability to be more epic than your average joe. They speak they are funny, they are assholes they like you they hate you. they are just better than you until you prove you are able to hold rank with minions. then you may be adopted and even blossom into a fine minion yourself!
Yes, Destro has a thing with masks. I wear them Frequently. I take it on and off at will. I has several. Yes i buy a blank mask and paint and modify them. They are awesome.

Nickname: destroeyedutopia1
Site: chaturbate
Age: 24
Sex: male

One Tattoo on my ribs. I want more. Many more.