Hi my Name is Mini, welcome to my room and thank you for reading my bio.
In my room I love spending my time with my visitors, Most of the time I am a very horny girl so make me happy and I will improve your mood, for sure. If you spoil me, I will make you a very happy person. Please say hello when you visit. It is a nice way to make an acquaintance. I'm a super fun quirky girl, I enjoy making new friends and being on cam for all my fans. I am up for anything and will try anything once. I'm uninhibited, care free, laid back, go with the flow, and very into making sure your desires are met. I have been in the BDSM scene for a while now, I am a Switch, which means I like to be dominated, and also to dominate others as well. I really enjoy impact play, rope work, flogging, play piercing, and a lot of other forms of play.
DEMANDS, don't make them. No matter what your color, this is a major no no. You may request if done with a tip. This can be done discretely in the "include an optional message" box after clicking the SEND TIP button and placing a tip. Only you and I will know this request. If you cannot tip, do not even think about requesting because if you do, you will be SILENCED I do answer questions but please be kind enough to ask them with good judgement and consideration of the timing of when you ask. If you cannot tip, do not even think about requesting.
MINI is my name. The use of other terms such as bb, babe or any other rude term, will get you SILENCED.
ENGLISH is spoken here. Everyone MUST speak the same language, so If you cannot or refuse to do this, you will be SILENCED.

RUDENESS... if you are and conduct yourself in my room, in such a manner, you will be SILENCED
I LOVE to be spoiled with gifts from my Amazon wishlist. Any gifts given from amazon will be rewarded nicely. Please discuss terms of rewarding your gift with me before you purchase it, I will make sure you get something fun in return.

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Nickname: cutecalikitten
Site: chaturbate
Age: 22
Sex: female

tattoos and piercings