Bonnie Bunnie


Be patient and respectful. Don't ask me to take everything off because I wont and I wont take much off anyways. I DON"T cam2cam.

If I don't respond at first doesn't mean I'm rude I'm probably doing something, and it's something usually that people would expect someone to be doing on this site. Just be friendly and I'll be the same to you.

Please tip if you make a request guys. I'm flexible with things, but don't make crazy demands lol.

Thank you to everyone who's tipped and purchased something from my wishlist.

One gift, and thank you so much - HDMI :D

chowchow1000 -Thank YOU!!!

yppah27 -Thank you, so much. :)

Nickname: bonniesmokinbunnie1420
Site: chaturbate
Age: 26
Sex: shemale