Everything worthwhile is built on solid foundations. Honesty and mutual respect go a long way to helping with these foundations. i like to meet different people and enrich my life with cultural exchanges. Broadening our horizons enriches our personal Ity, therefore with each exchange we are all richer in life. If you wish for a meat market sample, go to the butchers. If you wish to exchange with mutual respect, then we risk to have fun and want to get even richer.So please enjoy your time here,after all, this is what everyone wishes each day. To be able to smile at recollecting thoughts of the days fun . Then we all sleep and dream good too. Waking with a smile and full of positive mutual respect for others . RULES!!!if u dont know how to respect a woman i am gonna teach u : Here is mutual respect for everyone, get shitty- get banned (the rest of us are here for a nice time). As you all know the Tokens you don't get for Free, so don't expect anything different here (we all have bills to pay), i may be the Classiest you will find here,but that does not mean i'm stuck up( i like to have great time too). Tokens speak for Sincerity, don't bore everyone with too many compliments TIPS show you mean what you say !! But don't be Insulting !! The BAN button works well. No Groups, i prefer relationships. 250 will get you added as friends. SO COME AND STAY AND LET;S HAVE FUN!!!

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Nickname: angel_leila
Site: chaturbate
Age: 99
Sex: female