Aiden Valentine and Fifi Foxx


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Aiden Valentine and I, Fifi Foxx, are a new couple to Chaturbate. We are extremely flirty, fun, sensual, passionate, sexy, freaky, and ridiculously sexual lovers.

We are here to spread our sexual curiosity by satisfying your deepest sexual desires. And my God, do I want to get you off as hard as I can. ;)

So, tell us what to do, and we will gladly do it just for you. We just want a little direction, and we don't mind how dirty you give it to us. Get excited.

We just ask for something in return:
If you would like a PM, please have tokens ready.
We don't mind getting dirty for you, but we don't want to hear requests unless there are tips. :) So please, please do not beg, or repeat requests unless there are tips.

Do not insult me (Fifi Foxx), Aiden Valentine, or anybody else in the chat. That is just rude, uncultured, and uncivilized. We want to have a great show for everybody and make this a fun environment for all.

We do NOT do:

  • Anal sex

  • Rim jobs

  • Any other sexual acts pertaining to butts

Nickname: aidenandfifi
Site: chaturbate
Age: 22
Sex: male/female

Aiden Valentine - None; Fifi Foxx - I have the left side of my nose pierced, and I have snake bites.